Become A Professional Graphic Designer

Upgrade your knowledge and work in different industries, like fashion, animation, interior designing, etc., by learning graphic designing.

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What is Graphic Designing in Simple Terms?

Graphic design is arranging and composing a project's visual elements. Designing the magazine's layout, designing packaging for the product, etc., are examples of graphic design. The tools that are used to design are:





Training Bulletins

Training Mode
In class | Online

Course Duration
60/90/180 Days

Placement Session
Job Assistance

Practical Learning

Interview Session
Mock Interviews

Market Exposure
Live Projects

Training Highlights

  • You get to run live marketing campaigns
  • You get to write blogs for ongoing projects.
  • Industry experts mentor you
  • You understand Digital Marketing basics through multiple tools
  • You build, analyze and optimize Social Media campaigns
  • Tutors conduct doubt-clearing sessions

Things You Will Learn in This Course

Career ProspectsAfter Completion of This Course

Graphic design conveys your ideas using graphics, animations, and images. Graphic designing holds several career opportunities, like:

  • Creative director
  • Photo Editor
  • Publications designer
  • Film and video editor
  • Multimedia artist
  • Art designer
  • Graphic design instructor
  • Flash Animator
  • Layout Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Social media designer
  • Motion graphic designer

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